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It’s hard to be yourself when you have no idea how people will react to who you are. That’s the reality of dating for many trans people. We’re diving into the topic in advance of our screening of the short film “How Not To Date While Trans,” an irreverent-but-poignant comedy from director/writer/star Nyala Moon. 

❇️ “I want to explore how fun being trans is—how ordinary yet extraordinary,” Moon explained in a recent interview. ❇️ 

We’ve collected some context: an interview and essay by Moon that both illuminate the themes of “How Not To Date,” plus a couple more windows into the trans dating experience.

the rePROFilm Team

Filmmaker Magazine interview with Nyala Moon

This  is a terrific intro to Nyala Moon and how she views both her work and her trans experience. The latter, she explains,  is a source of power and challenges at the same time. “I want to explore the fluidity of gender identity,” says Moon. “Being trans is not a perfect experience. There are moments of weakness, and you definitely question yourself.”

(Filmmaker Magazine)

Navigating the dating world as a trans woman

“So, between me and you, there isn’t a right way to tell someone you’re trans,” writes filmmaker Nyala Moon in what amounts to an essay version of her short film, “How Not to Date While Trans, which we’ll screen at the beginning of next month. Both the film and this essay are based on Moon’s own experience trying out different ways to communicate about her identity.  (Pride)

12 rules for cis men interested in dating trans women

Educate yourself, deal with your masculinity, and never, ever lead her on. These are among the (frankly inarguable) rules crafted by writer Nicky Alcenat and published on the website of a historically heteronormative men’s magazine. TBH we never thought we’d see the day. 


Trans Guys on Grindr: Some Tips for Safety and Success 

“Nothing quite says acceptance like an app designed for horny gay men,” writes Henry Giardina. “That said, trans guys looking to hook up on Grindr are vulnerable to a lot of absolute chicanery … But there are a few ways to stay safe as a transmasc while enjoying all that Grindr has to offer. 



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