rePROFilm has partnered with Peace is Loud to present Collective Lens: A Community Impact Space, an impact training program for a community of filmmakers committed to reproductive health and justice, equipping creators with community, and values-forward tools and strategies to position their films in solidarity of the reproductive health and justice movements. The program will also distribute $30,000 worth of unrestricted grant funding to participating filmmaking teams, – supporting filmmakers’ financial needs and redefining “impact” as a practice that covers a film’s entire lifespan, not just its release and impact campaign.

The first cohort of filmmakers includes those with both documentary, narrative, animation, short, feature and experimental film projects — in completed, pre-production and development stages. By welcoming different storytelling formats, the organizations strive to create an opportunity for collective reflection and expansive imagination regarding how different types of films can support reproductive and health justice efforts. This year’s cohort includes four short film projects, five feature film projects, one series, three narrative films, six documentaries and one experimental film. Reproductive health and justice topics include period/menstruation, intersex justice, incarcerated birth, abortion justice, pregnancy loss, and queer & radicalized pregnancy stigma.

Participants – Movie

Aiko Alonso – Days of Thunder (Narrative Short, Period Justice)

Aubree Bernier-Clarke & G. Chesler – Intersex Justice (Documentary Feature, Intersex Human Rights)

Haimy Assefa – Rare But Life Threatening (Documentary Feature, Period Justice)

Jahmil Eady & Selena Leoni – The Bond (Narrative Short, Incarcerated Birth)

Kira Dane & Katelyn Rebelo – Mizuko (Experimental Short, Abortion Ethics)

Maria Mealla & Daniel Fabelo – 36 Weeks to Go (Narrative Short)

Susan O’Brien & Sanjna Selva – The Lifespan of a Butterfly (Documentary Feature, Pregnancy Loss/Incarceration)

Timmia Hearn DeRoy & Pere DeRoy – Who Gets to Parent, Too (Documentary Series, Queer/Radicalized Pregnancy Stigma)

Maya Cueva & Leah Galant – On the Divide (Documentary Feature, Abortion Access)

Sue-Ellen Chitunya & Vana Vedu – Our Children (Documentary Feature, Sex Ed)

Peace is Loud is an intersectional feminist organization that amplifies the stories the world needs now. Through our film impact work and Speakers Bureau, Peace is Loud harnesses the power of storytelling to mobilize strategic, collective action grounded in equity and care.

“We are excited to co-present this space with rePROFilm, and to create an opportunity for collective reflection and expansive imagination regarding how different types of films can support reproductive justice efforts.” – Florencia Varela,  Program Lead, Learning & Filmmaker Outreach, Peace is Loud

“It is thrilling to see this program come to fruition and we’re especially proud that we can support both fiction and non-fiction filmmakers with an unrestricted monetary contribution on top of providing impact strategy and nurturing a network of people telling these essential stories.” – Lela Meadow-Conner, co-founder, rePROFilm