Collective Power has partnered with rePROFilm to curate a series of short films that illustrate the multitude of ways in which folx’ bodily liberation are under attack, from gender to immigration to birth. 

The Reproductive Justice movement has taught us that our existence is multi-faceted and intersectional.  A Normal Girl, Ale Libre, Black Birth, and RESIST: The Resistance Revival Chorus highlight this in their stories about survival, resistance, and the right to be seen and heard. Each is a story of survival but also of powerful resistance as people fight to be seen and supported in a world of oppression and white supremacy.

As a thank you to our supporters, the film series will stream via rePROFilm at no charge, from May 8 – June 15.

Collective Power for Reproductive Justice’s Janessa Waiters will host a virtual discussion with several of the filmmakers around these films in early June for monthly donors.  Learn more about Collective Power’s monthly giving program here to join in this intimate discussion.

About Collective Power

Collective Power is an unique movement-building organization that runs national programs that prepare young folx to work on the front line of today’s struggle for reproductive justice.  Through summer internships, an annual activist conference, and our leadership networking group, Collective Power has trained and inspired more than 20,000 people and supported more than 500 organizations.

About rePROFilm

Through film and conversation, rePROFilm advocates for reproductive health, justice and bodily autonomy. We lift intersectional issues, using the power of storytelling as a catalyst for knowledge, intention and action. Each month, we publish The Periodical, a free newsletter featuring a curated short film, original podcast, news links, playlists, discussion guides and advocacy organizations we love. Each volume is tied together by a specific theme that falls under the larger umbrella of reproductive health and justice.

All films include a closed captioning option.

A Normal Girl, Directed by Aubree Bernier-Clarke, 2019, 14 m.

Activist Pidgeon Pagonis was born intersex, not conforming to standard definitions of male or female, and experienced genital mutilation as a child. Now Pidgeon is fighting the medical establishment, seeking to end medically unnecessary surgeries and human rights abuses on intersex people in the United States and around the world.

Ale Libre, Directed by Maya Cueva, 2021, 16 m

Alejandra is a criminalized organizer and unapologetic immigrant. While she prepares for one of the biggest moments of her life — her deportation case — Alejandra is forced to reckon with a past mistake and a system that could tear her apart from her family and the only home she has ever known.

Black Birth, Directed by Haimy Assefa, 2021, 20 m.

Three expectant mothers, including the director, navigate the joys, fears, and complexity of Black motherhood in America.

Resist: The Resistance Revival Chorus, Directed by Susan O’Brien, 2019, 19 m.

In the midst of a country divided, a diverse group of women and non-binary individuals unite through the historic power of music to create a movement ignited by song.