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Really, only 164 seconds!

It’s been more than a year since the U.S. Supreme Court denied us the fundamental right to access abortion services. Since then, nearly half of all states have banned abortion or restricted access.

Inspired by the sub-three-minute runtime of “Always & Forever,” our Vol. 20 short film selection, we’ve decided to focus this month’s content around short, to-the-point updates about where we are in the fight for abortion access. Look for us throughout the month in your inbox and social media feeds.

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This won’t take long….

At rePROFilm, abortion rights are close to our heart. Even so, we sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed by the amount of news and information about the ever-shifting nature of abortion access in the U.S. since the Supreme Court struck down Roe vs. Wade last year.

When that happens, we turn to some of our favorite, most to-the-point sources. In keeping with our Vol. 20 short film selection “Always & Forever,” which makes a powerful pro-choice argument in less than three minutes, we’ve rounded up a few of them, from TikTok advocacy to the best abortion map.

We also rely on trusted friends, like our resident medical expert Dr. Julia. This month, we asked her to talk about the consequences of teen pregnancy, which is the goal of the protagonist in the satirical “Always & Forever.”

How do you wrap your head around this important issue? Drop us a line and let us know:

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Gone Baby Gone

Back in your inbox with treats for your ears: For the Periodical Podcast, we spoke with the team behind “Always & Forever,” the rePROFilm Vol. 20 short film selection. At less than three minutes, the dark comedy packs a punch — which is why it became a sleeper hit on TikTok, where it received more than 20 million views.

“Always & Forever” skewers the hypocrisy inherent in forcing children to give birth. More than a year since the fall of Roe v. Wade, that’s the reality in roughly half the counties in the U.S. Our Vol. 20 Spotify playlist reflects the despair, anger and conviction we feel about that.

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Communities Need Clinics

In the final moments of “Always & Forever,” our Vol. 20 short film selection, we learn that its characters live in a state where abortion has been outlawed. What seemed like a dystopian nightmare not long ago is everyday reality in 17 states with near-total abortion bans.

That means abortion clinics now serve both their communities and patients from far-flung states who have lost access to basic health care.

That means abortion clinics are more important than ever.

And more than half of patients seeking abortions in the U.S. are served by independent clinics who are members of the Abortion Care Network, our organization of the month.

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Bailey, a precocious 12-(and a half)-year-old, is getting BTS tickets for her birthday — but she’d rather have a baby. Naturally, the tween visits an adoption service to make her demand: “If science says I’m old enough to have a baby, I should be able to adopt one, am I right?”

Not really, explains an amused Shana from behind the front desk of the Always & Forever agency. The minimum age for adoption in their state is 21, she notes. Surrogacy isn’t an option, either, even for a kid determined to become a “momfluencer.” When Bailey won’t take no for an answer, Shana lists more reasons. Parenthood involves an enormous amount of responsibility, she lectures, and teen pregnancy carries an enormous amount of risk. 

The satirical film points out the hypocrisy of setting age-appropriate restrictions on children in nearly every context except when they become pregnant: “We wouldn’t allow a kid to adopt a kid. So why would we ever force a kid to have a kid?” 

Ask an Expert: Reel Talk with Dr. Julia

“It takes less than three minutes to watch the brilliant short film “Always & Forever,” a devastating commentary on the consequences of forcing children to give birth. Though the film is fictional, it points to reality: An increasing number of states are effectively doing just that to their pregnant teenagers.

Lack of comprehensive sexuality education, barriers to contraception access, and severe limitations on access to abortion or outright bans all contribute to elevated rates of teen pregnancy. This carries heavy social consequences: Pregnant teens have increased risk of multiple adverse health outcomes. There are also adverse long-term psychosocial and economic impacts for teens parents and their children.

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What abortion looks like in every state

We’ve shared this before – this continually updated interactive map breaks down abortion access across the country in an accessible, easy-to-understand manner. At rePROFilm, we’re big fans of The 19th, a nonprofit newsroom that has produced some of the best and comprehensive reporting on abortion and other issues of special interest to their core audience of women, women of color, and the LGBTQ+ community.

(The 19th)

Abortion on the ballot

Another resource for tracking the shifting nature of abortion laws is this repository of information on past and upcoming ballot measures. If you want to feel slightly more cheerful, review all the electoral wins we’ve celebrated in the past year. More importantly, look ahead: On Nov. 7, voters in Ohio will vote on a state constitutional amendment on reproductive freedom. Maryland voters are up in 2024.


How to get abortion pills online

“Anyone with the ability to get pregnant should have abortion pills in their medicine cabinet, full stop.” This one-minute video by feminist writer Jessica Valenti points you to online resources for pills (even if you aren’t pregnant right now and even if you live in a state where abortion is banned). If you want to go deeper, subscribe to Valenti’s newsletter Abortion, Every Day.


With special guests Lara Everly, Jessica Stamen and Elease Lui Stemp

<id=”podcast20″ span style=”font-weight: 400;”>The “work wives” behind the dark comedy “Always & Forever” join Asha Dahya on the Periodical Podcast to chat about collaboration, going viral, and how humor is a secret weapon in the fight for reproductive justice.

“It’s just a proven concept at this point that comedy disrupts the status quo. A little bit of humor, a little bit of entertainment moves the needle. It works.” — Lara Everly

“Humor sneaks past people’s defenses. It can be a way (in), even for people who agree but might feel like other serious videos feel medicinal … You get them laughing, you get them engaged, and then you come in with the punch at the end.” — Jessica Stamen


This playlist is nearly twenty times longer than “Always & Forever,” the film that inspired it. Just for you: Musical reminders of what it means to have no options. And a little inspiration, too. Because all of us were (or are) teenagers and it was (is) hard.

 — Teri Mott, rePROFilm DJ


Founded in 2008, Abortion Care Network is the national association for independent, community-based abortion care providers and their allies. Together, ACN’s membership works to ensure the rights of all people to experience respectful, dignified abortion care.

Independent abortion providers care for the majority of people seeking abortion in the U.S. — often serving individuals and families with the fewest resources and in the most rural parts of our nation.

ACN holds a special place in our hearts, as member clinics provide care in every state rePROFilm team members call home, including California, Texas, Kansas, Ohio and North Carolina.

Learn more about the organization in our Insta Live convo with Kenyetta Whitfield, digital communications manager for ACN.

Last week, our own Alex Sgambati spoke with ACN’s Kenyetta Whitfield – and you can watch that conversation here!


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