Filmmakers from around the world participate in Collective Lens: A Community Impact Space, offering impact training and $30,000 worth of grants to ten film rePROFilm filmmaker projects!


Madame Ovary:
A Message From Our Team

Dear rePROFilm Village,

We’re dropping in to wish you all a very happy new year and update you on some fun changes coming to The Periodical as we dive into our fourth year of programming!

Like you, we’re bracing for the constant negative rhetoric of a new presidential election cycle…

In contrast with all that noise, we’re leaning into our mission as a social change platform that operates at the intersection of advocacy and entertainment. This year we’re bringing some levity into your lives through our monthly programming and proving that activism can be entertaining, too!

First off, we’re super excited about Collective Lens: A Community Impact Space, presented in partnership with our friends at Peace is Loud. This program is supporting 10 of our past rePROFilm filmmakers with community impact training and $30,000 worth of unrestricted grants to further their current and future works.

You can still expect The Periodical this year too, and you’ll get a new short film in your inbox every other month. The new schedule will give us more time to dive deeper into each topic, set the tone with our playlist, and offer a true film-festival-style Q&A with the filmmakers on our rePROFilm podcast. Volume 24 comes your way soon!

Here in Wichita, we’ll also be piloting an IRL sister screening series: The Screening Womb. We invite the community to come together — all genders and generations — to view our Periodical selection, groove to our playlist, sip a drink, engage in meaningful conversation around our collective health and wellness, and honor our bodily autonomy.

We’ll give you all the ingredients to host a watch party in your “living womb” too: music, movie, discussion prompts, a signature cocktail recipe and other bespoke details for a memorable gathering.

We couldn’t do this work without you — learn more about supporting rePROFilm here.

We’re ready to Splash the Matriarchy – who’s with us?!

the rePROFilm Team


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We are committed to screening films in accessible venues, and also understand that meeting ADA standards for accessibility does not actually mean a venue is actually accommodating for everyone. As best we can, we will offer a complimentary companion ticket to our film screenings as requested. For our virtual screenings, we ask all filmmaking teams to provide closed captioning, audio descriptions or open captions whenever possible. For any questions, please contact us at 323-810-6909 or We are here to do our best to make our programming as inclusive as possible.